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New Wine Collective is a movement empowering people to co-create their own spiritual community wherever they are.

Our world is hurting and broken. People are divided, disconnected, and lonely. It’s time for a fresh reimagining of what it means to be the Church in our day. To learn more about what we’re building, watch the videos below or start here!

Introduction to new wine collective:

A New vision for the church:

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We’re rethinking church from the ground up. Together, we can shape a new vision for a better future. Connect with us on social media and please subscribe to receive our email updates!
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New Wine Collective:
White Paper

People are longing for deeper spiritual and relational connection. We want to do more than just sit and watch church. We want to be seen and heard... Many of us sense there must be a better way of following Jesus in the world and want to participate in shaping that new future in community with others! However, the status quo of top-down consumer-driven Christianity has left many of us feeling dissatisfied, bored, and burnt out — or simply, left out.

New Wine Collective
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