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Eugene Kim


Eugene (he/him) is an ordained minister with over 25 years of experience in local church ministry. After spending 17 years helping to build a church from a young start up into a large established church with multiple locations, he discerned the need to step outside the familiar in order to reimagine how we do "church" from the ground up. So in 2020, he left his pastoral role and founded New Wine Collective!

Since then, Eugene has been learning, ideating, and convening conversations about the changing spiritual landscape and future of the Church. He is New Wine Collective's chief architect and synthesizer of ideas but still a pastor at heart who loves walking alongside people in their journeys. He is passionate about systemic change and designing new ways of being the Church that can help heal the world and give everyone a place to belong.

Eugene grew up in Queens, NY, and Seoul, Korea and now lives in the Boston area. He enjoys hanging out with his three kids, eating, cooking, and watching Korean dramas with his wife.

Eugene also speaks, consults, and facilitates conversations for churches and organizations interested in exploring change and innovation. To inquire about whether he could be helpful to you or your organization, please email: contact@newwinecollective.org.

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Sarah Backe

Project Development Lead

Sarah (she/her) is a psychologist whose spiritual background includes contemplative, charismatic, justice, and interfaith traditions. As a result of her varied experiences, she has a heart for people who find themselves in the spiritual wilderness. She is committed to curiosity, diversity, and exploration in reimagining the ways we practice spiritual community with one another. An East Coast nomad, Sarah lives in greater Raleigh, NC with her husband and three children.

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Hope Chang

Research Fellow

Hope grew up in Korea, the first daughter of two pastors, and earned her B.A. in Sociology and Philosophy at Columbia University in New York City, where she first began to critically examine the contours of her faith system. She was a part of the Hope Church NYC church planting network for 8 years, and is currently a Masters of Divinity candidate at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School in Deerfield, IL, and her research focuses on decolonization, sexuality, and grief. Hope lives in Chicago with her partner, Kyle, and their dog, Lazarus.

New Wine Collective is supported and guided by a Board of Directors and diverse community of advisors and conversation partners.

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